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The Drive By Experience - Curb appeal

February 27, 2020

The Drive By Experience - Curb appeal


Curb appeal is the initial impression of your home.  The word curb appeal implies that buyers actually pull up and stop to give your home a peruse. Most people just drive by and then decide if your home is worth a second glance.  Many buyers won't even go in the house if the first glance doesn't appeal to them.  Here are some inexpensive way to make your first look a head turner. 

LIGHTING - Many people drive by in the evening, so make sure your outside lights are all working and turned on.  If you have decorative lighting make sure it is clean and working. A new lighting trend is to have an accent colour on your door.  It gives the home an inviting feel and draws the attention to the door.

CLEAN AND DECLUTTER - This is critical. No one likes dirt. Consider pressure washing top to bottom. Remember less is best.  Put away the garden gnomes and angels and leave spaces clean and open. Remove dead plants and flowers, pull weeds and trim the overgrown trees and bushes.  If it looks to bare after all your hard work consider adding a colourful easy care plant like a geranium.

FRONT DOOR - Your front door is the invitation to come in. Scrub away dirt and fingerprints. Consider a fresh coat of paint if it is looking a little worn. Check your door handle for corrosion and rust. Make sure the key works easily. Lastly check that the numbers are clear and clean.  We definitely want to be able to identify your home! 

Now step back and take a look at your home.  What is the first thing you see?  Do you want to go inside?  Making your home inviting may take some elbow grease but it does not need to cost a bundle.


Alaina Lewis

Sales Representative, Your Hometown Realty

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