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Realtor Coat Drive!

Chilrens and Adult Coats WANTED!

Your Hometown Realty would love to help you donate your no longer needed coats!..

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Family Film FUN-draiser!

In support of Guelph Wellington Rural Women in Crisis!!

March 12th @ 1:00pm  Check out our upcoming event at the Fergus Grand Theatre where we will be hosting a Family Film FUN-draiser.

It Time for TAX Talk!

Featured The Costco Connection VOL 29 NUM 1  http://www.costcoconnection.ca/connectioncaeng/20160102?pg=NaN#pgNaN

I own a city home and a cottage. When they are sold, which should I designate as my principal residence? Should it be the property with the greatest capital gain?

Average Canadian House Price Up Another 12%!

Featured on CBC News- http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/house-prices-crea-1.3405205

The average price of a Canadian home increased by 12 per cent in the year up to December and is now worth…

Buyers Checklist!

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Home Selling Autumn!

By Elizabeth Weintraub

Home selling in autumn is the second best time of the year to sell a home. Families have returned from summer vacations. Kids have gone back to school. The holidays aren’t yet upon us, at least not yet in an annoying way. We are set to enjoy 75 to 80 days of normalcy, and that’s a great time to sell a home.

In parts of the country with four seasons, we watch leaves explode in vibrant colors as for sale signs pop up in yards.

People are happy and relaxed as the temperature begins to drop. It’s not just sweater weather that creates static electricity in autumn; it’s the scurrying of agents diligently working to pop a few more sales into the hopper before third quarter sales results are posted.

Here are 10 tips for attracting the autumn home buyer:

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Home Ownership in 2014!

Featured in the Sunday Sun. December 14th,2014

There are many different options for home ownership in Canada. Figuring out which type of home ownership best suits you can be tricky, especially in today’s expensive housing market. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association the National average home price in 2014 is…

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Why You Shouldn’t Close On A Friday!

By: Real Estate, Published on Fri Apr 25 2014

As the spring housing market heats up, it’s a busy time for closing deals. The price you pay is very important, but you also have to think carefully about your closing date, so that everything goes smoothly.

Here are seven things to remember:

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